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  •   無錫市昀達機械制造有限公司位于風景秀麗的江南城市-無錫濱湖區,是一家以生產沖壓件,模具加工,機械配件加工.五金加工,鋼結構件加工,風機制造等專業廠家。




      Wuxi Yunda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is located in the beautiful South city - Wuxi Binhu District. It is a professional company which produces pressing parts, processes mold, mechanical fittings, hardware and steel construction parts.

      The products of our company are used mainly in the mechanical trade, the business scope includes: metallurgical mining machinery, metal structure parts, process of press forming and hardware, fan manufacture, hoisting machinery; there are 250/400 ton punch, 316/630 ton oil press, etc. 

      The company insists on management theory of "human-oriented, pioneering innovations, unity and cooperation”, regard win-win principle of the mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit as the basic point of departure. Rely on high quality, we show up prominently in the market competition rapidly and win the customer's favorable comment and favor. 

      The company is carrying on the transformation constantly at present, overall capacity is being further improved




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