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                        Your Current Position:  Join Us > PD
                        • Light path commissioning operator

                          Job category: senior hardware engineer (EMC direction)

                          Job nature: full-time

                          Location: xiqing district, tianjin

                          Work experience: 1-3 years

                          Number of employees: 5

                          Salary: negotiable

                          Education: junior college

                          Post date: 2016/9/20

                          Responsibilities: responsible for the assembly and debugging of the company's products

                          1. Obey the arrangement of the supervisor, abide by the management system of the company, do their own work dutifully, and do not neglect or refuse the order or work arrangement of the management personnel.

                          2. Complete the work in strict accordance with the production plan. Upon receipt of the task order, the work shall be completed on time or in advance, and the quantity and quality shall be guaranteed to be accurate and qualified.In the process of production, the operation should be carried out in strict accordance with the quality standards, technical procedures and drawings, shall not arbitrarily raise or lower the standards, do a good job of self-inspection.

                          Iii. The production site shall be clean and tidy, with tools, measuring tools and working tools in neat arrangement, keep good tools and drawings, and carefully fill in various original records.

                          Other tasks assigned by superiors.

                          Job requirements:

                          College degree or above, major in biotechnology, medical device is preferred;

                          More than 2 years social work experience, more than 1 year product debugging experience

                          Careful and practical, strong learning ability, quick to receive new knowledge.

                          Excellent fresh graduates are also acceptable.

                          Highly agree with the company's core values;

                          Dedicated, hard-working, steadfast, good team spirit, able to work overtime occasionally

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